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Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass

Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass is produced by combining two or more panels of glass with stronger and more durable special binding agency extra stiff polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure.​


  • Expanding the possibilities of architectural glazing designs
  • Provides extra performance and security in facades, skylights, glass floors, stairs and glass balustrade
  • High stiffness and strength allows large glass designs
  • Thanks to excellent post breakage strength, most of the fragments remain stuck to the interlayer even when broken, ensuring safety and security for people and property
  • Very good edge stability
  • Can be combined with other colored PVB interlayer
  • Reduces noise, allows a quite atmosphere
  • Provide extremely high protection against UV radiation, helps to reduce fading
  • Low-E (thermal insulation) coated Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass reduces heat loss coefficient, keeps more heat inside the building
  • Solar Control Low-E coated Şişecam Extra Strong Laminated Glass helps saving energy by reducing cooling and heating expenses of the building

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