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​Şişecam acquires and uses worldwide state-of-the-art technologies in the production of glass and chemicals, and aware that applying and developing these technologies will bring competitive advantage, it has begun its R&D efforts in the 1970s.​

During the 40 years following the advent of R&TD activities, the organization regularly focused on developing new products and processes for flat glass, glass packaging, and glassware sectors as well as improving human and environmental health in production, increasing energy and production efficiency, lowering costs, and solving problems. 

Following the R&TD organization that also encompasses engineering and technical support units, the Group has begun to create its own technology in the design and production of glass, furnace, and coating.

There are independent R&TD units within the group that focus on specific sectors for businesses that lie outside of glass technology such as chemicals. The Glass Research Center focuses on glass technology, which is the main business of the Group.

Fundamental R&TD strategies;

  • Creating and sustaining relevant scientific and technological disciplines with the efforts of expert personnel within the Group,
  • Creating fundamental analysis and engineering services using advanced technologies in order to provide support for R&TD,
  • Collaborating with universities and institutes in Turkey and abroad that conduct research on the science and technology of glass,
  • Collaborating on national and international levels before competition by sending expert personnel to scientific and professional platforms,and to maintain and develop the highly competitive position of the Group by carrying out projects that 
  • Have focuses in line with Group strategies and are supported by portfolio management tools,
  • Are created by experts and support personnel as well as the contribution of sales/marketing units, with a defined purpose and budget,
  • Are supported by tools such as projects, information, document, and intellectual property management and creative development, etc.

R&TD efforts are focused on developing high added value, environment-friendly, new products and processes in line with the market demands that currently exist or are expected to come into being in all product groups. Second in line come the use of new and alternative resource use that will decrease current product costs and increase quality, energy management and effective use, and using modern technologies and capital productivity to turn new growth investments into production processes within the targeted time period. 

New Product Development​

Privacy glass is a float glass product colored at the mix stage, and preferred in vehicles for controlling light and sun. Privacy glass has low light permeability, which increases interior comfort, while low solar permeability decreases cooling load and offers energy saving. Privacy glass can also be used in architecture. Şişecam Düzcam currently works on creating a new privacy glass product with a performance that differs from the current smoke-colored privacy product. 

Designed for the renewable energy industry, our AR-coated high-performance new product intended to be used in PV panels has been introduced to the market in 2015, following the completion of the investment for the AR-coated line. 

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