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2012 Façade Material Award 


Thanks to its new product Şişecam Tentesol Titanium silver which was developed in 2012, Şişecam Flat Glass was considered worthy of "the Façade Material of the Year" award during the Roofing and Façade Materials Awards 2012 held by Roof and Façade Journal. Şişecam Tentesol Titanium silver, mainly preferred in commercial buildings and provides solar control while nabling to benefit from natural light thanks to its high light transmission.-Also limits the solar heat gain and reduces cooling expenses in air-conditioned environments. Tentesol series of products provide maximum level of solar and heat control when they are used together with Şişecam Low-E Glass.​

2013 Façade Material Award


Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass won the "Façade Material of the Year" award. at the Roof and Façade Materials Awards 2013 held by the Roof and Façade journal. Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass -a product of Şişecam Flat Glass's continuous development and innovation projects to expand and diversify the product range in architectural glass-- controls the solar heat gain in summer without compromising on nature daylight thanks to its transparent coating, and reduces the cooling loads, and provides two times better heat control in winter compared to standard double glazing.

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​​​2014 Façade Material Award


Within the scope of “2014 Roof and Façade Materials Awards” organized by ÇRoof and Façade Journal, Şişecam Flat Glass won the "Façade Material of the Year" award with Şişecam Temperable Low-E Glass product. Şişecam Temperable Low-E Glass plays an active role in preserving the environment while saving from the heating costs by reducing heat losses without comprising on nature daylight.​

The Most Successful Industrial Enterprise Award

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Trakya Yenişehir Cam San. A.Ş. is an affiliate of Şişecam Flat Glass producing float glass, coated glass and laminated glass in Bursa Yenişehir OIZ. With 6 MW installed turbine power, the facility produces 3.5 to 5 MW power depending on the float furnace capacity use. According to actual results obtained from the project, the investment returned in two years. In the annual competition held under Energy Efficiency Project in Industry Project (SANVER 2013) by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Renewable Energy General Directorate Trakya Yenişehir Plant has been awarded “The Most Successful Industrial Facility” award in Projects for Increasing Energy efficiency in Industry (SEVAP) category.​

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