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Corporate Social Reponsibility

Energy efficiency

As a global player, Şişecam Flat Glass carries out efforts towards human life, preservation of the environment, resource and energy saving, and registers solid progress in the reduction of production costs with the projects that increase energy efficiency. Since Şişecam Flat Glass acts in an industry with high energy efficiency, it considers the reduction of use of energy among its highest priority issues. As a result, the reduction of the total greenhouse gas emissions and waste, and preservation of the natural resources are targeted.

University events

In cooperation with various education institutes such as Şişecam Flat Glass, Uludağ University, Mimar Sinan University, METU, ITU, and Tunceli University, the company organizes different training programs oriented towards architecture and engineering faculty students, and informs the decision makers of the future about energy-efficient glasses.

Collaboration with public institutions

Şişecam Flat Glass contributed to increasing the thermal insulation of glass by playing a role in the modification of TS 825 (Thermal Insulation Rules Standard for Buildings) through the nongovernmental organizations of which it is a member.

The company offers informative training on energy efficient glass to public professionals.

Through joint efforts with the Ministries of Defence and Justice, the inclusion of energy efficient glass products in the technical specifications of construction projects was ensured, and awareness was created on green buildings and energy efficiency.

Support is provided to the projects of public organizations and institutions on the preparation of technical specifications and static calculations.

Training activities were held on glass products that provide energy savings for the employees of the Environmental and Urban Provincial Directorates, Private Chambers of Provinces, and the Zoning Directorates of Municipalities in various provinces of Turkey within the scope of “81 Education Projects for 81 Provinces”.

The company participated in the National Energy Forum and Fair, which was held by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, within the framework of cooperation with the public sector.

Activities for the end consumers

  • ​Within the scope of Isıcam Savings Academy, AVM activities were held in many cities, and the subject of energy efficiency was explained to children from 5 to 12 years old with experiments through educational activities. Parents were also informed about coated glass.
  • In order to access the end consumers of tomorrow and increase their awareness on energy efficiency, "Isıcam Savings Academy" and "Glass Fusion Contest" were held for children.
  • Reduction of heating and cooling expenses through coated glass was highlighted through advertising campaigns.
  • The hotline 444 9 872 was established to give information on energy efficient glass to end consumers.
  • "Isıcam Manual" was printed to enable the end consumers to choose the most suitable insulated glass for their needs.
  • The Isıcam Test Tunnel event was held to increase awareness on energy efficiency in the regions with dense urban transformation such as Kadikoy Bagdat Avenue.
  • In order to increase awareness of the end consumers for noise pollution, outdoor activities were held for Noise-Control Glass at Kanyon Shopping Center.

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