Çerez Politikası

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Health And Safety Policy

​In all Şişecam Flat Glass operations in Turkey and internationally, occupational health and safety is carried out as a priority, a healthy and safe working environment is a prerequisite to helping achieve efficiency and productivity in the workplace. To supply healthy and safe working environment, to eliminate potential risks and we to take necessary measures, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards System has been implemented with continuous improvement in 100% of our production plants. Through visible leadership and engagement, we are targeting that we can increase our ability to mitigate health and safety risks. Şişecam Flat Glass is able to monitor Occupational health and safety performance by conducting regular reviews and consultations between management and production areas.

Şişecam Flat Glass considers the design of our processes and enhance our emergency response capabilities to minimize the risk of accidents as well as investing in new technologies and innovation to help facilities an incident-free workplace.

All of our activities related to occupational health and safety are performed in line with international best practices. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy has been implemented to cover all our facilities in Turkey and internationally. Programs, training and activities are being implemented to help us move towards our target of reducing accidents and injuries to zero in all our workplaces.

The following figure shows Şişecam Group Health and Safety Policy which is in effect in all Şişecam Group companies including Şişecam Flat Glass.

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