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Quality Policy

Şişecam Flat Glass operates in accordance with the vision of "To be a fast growing global flat glass company with its strong brands and innovative solutions." Quality is always the highest priority for Şişecam Flat Glass. Our company does not only conform to the standards and directives applicable in Turkey, but also implements the European standards and directives. Similarly, the inspection and application of the customer expectations and local standards in the regions of activity is taken as the basis.

As an exporter to many countries of the world and operating in 9 countries, Şişecam Flat Glass considers conformity to international standards as a critical issue. Accordingly, the company considers internationally accepted standards while forming methods of work to manage environmental, social and economic factors. In accordance with the objective of becoming a globally leader glass manufacturer, the importance and necessity of the realization of the practices on a global scale for the objectives towards growth in international field, and for the development of the product range and the market share are known. All products, work practices and relations with the stakeholders are managed on the basis of international standards and best practices.

Şişecam Flat Glass products are manufactured and checked in accordance with the European standards. International management systems and accepted standards are taken as the basis for the processes implemented and products produced at our production facilities.

The importance attached to the quality of our products, preservation of the environment, efficient use of energy and the health and safety of our employees are emphasized with systematic approaches.

The following list displays the management systems which are conducted at our factories and certified according to international standards.

TSE Product Conformity Certificate

In addition to the management systems certificates, our Şişecam Flat Glass products have "TSE Product Conformity Certificates" which show conformity to standards. Our products with product conformity certificate are as follows.

  • Şişecam Float Glass
  • Şişecam Clear Float Glass
  • Şişecam Ultra Clear Float Glass
  • Şişecam Patterned Glass
  • Şişecam Wired Glass
  • Şişecam Tentesol
  • Şişecam Tentesol Titanium
  • Flotal
  • Şişecam Solar Low-E Cam
  • Şişecam Low-E Glass
  • Şişecam Laminated Glass
  • Şişecam Glass for Thermal Collector (Low Iron Tempered Patterned Glass)
  • Şişecam Glass for Photovoltaic (Low Iron Tempered Patterned Glass)
  • Şişecam Glass for Thermal Collector (Tempered Patterned Glass)
  • Şişecam Tempered Clear Float Glass

Please contact your sales representative to obtain TSE Product Conformity Certificates.

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