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Our Approach to Sustainability

​​Being aware of its global responsibility within the international ecosystem, Trakya Cam Sanayii A.Ş. (Şişecam Flat Glass) considers the topic of sustainability on a long-term perspective. The ​concept of sustainability is considered not only in terms of financial continuity, but as an integrated part of sustaining and enhancing the environment, natural resources, inputs, customers, employees, and other similar assets.

Şişecam Flat Glass operates as one of the international leaders in an industry with a high energy concentration. Regarding top-priority issues in the field of sustainability, the group continues its efforts in mitigating environmental impacts regarding all domestic and foreign activities, energy management, raw material supply; as well as in increasing efficiency in production methods, in ensuring occupational health and safety, in following up international standards, and in innovation. Sustainability is the highest priority target to ensure economic profitability and progress of R&D activities, investments, and job creation. In the mean time, production and development of energy-efficient, innovative products that contribute to the sustainability of the environmental responsibility are among Şişecam Flat Glass's priorities.

As a global company, Şişecam Flat Glass acts and operates in the awareness of its responsibilities towards the future, deeming sustainability an integral component of its activities; the company focuses on ensuring continuous development through new objectives and products, as well as on further leveraging its performance in regards sustainability. Therefore, the issues having the highest impact in environmental sustainability are a prime concern. The highest priority issues for Şişecam Glass are increasing energy efficiency in all activities, reducing production costs, and reducing energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, one of our objectives is to carry out local and international corporate activities in accordance with international standards while focused on overall innovation. 

Şişecam Flat Glass published its first Sustainability Report, which comprises the company’s practices and performance in economic, environmental, and social issues pursuant to its sustainability approach, in accordance with the criteria of the GRI G4 Reporting Guide. The economic indicators presented in the report are compatible with the consolidated data in Şişecam Flat Glass​’s financial reporting, and covers all of the company’s domestic and foreign legal enterprises.​

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